Vita English

Experience in opera

2010                  assistant conductor and choir director at the opera                                      
                           production  “Carmen” at the Mauritius Opera Festival
2009                  Choir production for opera "Passion &
                         Auferstehung" from J. Harvey at the “Carinthischer Sommer”            
                          with the Arnold Schönbergchor
                   Choir production for Idomeneo at the Styriate with         
                          Nikolaus Harnoncourt
Further productions at the Theater an der Wien as bassist of the Arnold Schönbergchors: 2010 „Freischütz“ , 2009 „Messias“, 2008 „Les Dialogues des Carmélites“, „Dead Man Walking“, 2007  „Aus einem Totenhaus“

March 2006      conductor and répétiteur at the production „Julietta“ from B.                         Martinu at the Theater Schönbrunn with the Webern                                Studioorchestra
2005                 Conductor of the opera „La Serva Padrone“ at the    
                        Operaschool of the University of Music and Performing Arts,

Experience in Musical

As pianist and assistent conductor at the „Theater unter den Kuppeln“, near  Stuttgart:
2002                    Der Kuss der Dryade
                           Eigenes Arrangement für „Cats“ für ein Chorkonzert mit
                           kleiner Band
2001                    Nonsense
1999                    Der kleine Horrorladen

further Experiences

since 2008         conducter of the Salzburger Konzertgesellschaft, conductor                                            of various concerts in  Vienna, especially the frequent
                         performance of the Mozart Requiem                 
since 2007         studies at the Internatonal Center of Harmonics with  
                          W.Schulze at the University of Music and Performing Arts
since 2005         bassist at the Arnold Schönbergchor, Vienna
2003 and 2004    mastercourses for conducting   at the “Internationale                                Bachakademie” with H. Rilling and M. Suzuki

Since more than 10 years composer and arranger for various concerts

1999 - 2004      conductor of the „Warmbronner Gesangsverein“

regularly concerts wit organ or piano and performing of own compositions

1998 - 2004      conductor of the „Esslinger Kammerchor ExVocal”. (2003                         production of a studio CD)
1996 - 2004      Cantor and organist in Filderstadt (var. concert series with
                          choir, orchestra, organ and chamber music)

Orchestra - and Choirconducting  Vienna

May 2008         Master of orchestra conducting
since 2007         Studies as répétiteur  with K. Leitner
June 2007         Master of choir conducting
2004 - 2008      University studies for orchestra with U. Lajovic, K. Leitner                                                   for choir with E. Ortner und G. Theuring at the University of   
                         Music and Performing Arts Vienna since 
Nov.2005          bassist of Arnold Schönbergchor  Wien  and Assistent of E. Ortner for                             opera productions piano, Organ and harpsichord
Piano, Organ and harpsichord

2008                 piano exam  
2004 - 2008      Teacher  Kaori Nishi and Thomas Kreuzberger
1999 and 2009   production of 2 CDs: trumpet and organ.
2002                 award for organ master studies in Graz with Prof.                                   Tausch and choir conducting with J.Prinz and J.Döller

concerts with the harpsichord solo and continuo

1996/1997        performance of the own composition „Israelische                                   Rhapsodie“ for orchestra, childrens choir and piano

1995                 performance of the Rhapsody in Blue for piano and orchestra
1991                 first organ lessons
         First piano lessons at the age of 7

Studies in Germany for church music and music education

2002                 diploma in church music and state exam in music education
2000 - 2003      state exam in geography in Stuttgart
1996 -2002      studies in church music and music education at the                                                               Stuttgarter Musikhochschule (organ with M. Schuster,  piano with                                     Yasuda-Brommer. Choir- and Orchestra conducting with D.Kurz 
                       and H. Wolf)
1996- 1998       lessons in oboe

Abitur (university entrance, general qualification)

1995                                 graduation at the music secondary school                    
                          “Theodor Heuss Gymnasium Esslingen am Neckar”